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Browning Golden Eagle Mk III.

My CB Shack is now linked to Browning Labs Inc!

Browning, Tram and other tube radio owners are some of the most loyal radio people around and rightly so as they are where it all started decades ago.  Give me a vintage Golden Eagle Mark IV, Mark II and III or a Tram 201 and 201A anyday!

I went through a Browning stage in my life (sort of like a mid-life crisis), where I owned (6) Browning CB Base Stations at the same time! I really like the ambience of the tube radio's and there's nothing like firing them up on a cold winters night to talk some DX. I've since sold them all off, but I'm sure I'll have another one down the road when I have more time to play on it.

Tram 201 Base radio

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