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Stoner Pro 40 SSB Radio
There are MANY more popular CB Base Stations out there and many of them are listed here (see below). There is a ton of radio information on the internet, and I've taken the liberty to add a lot of different links to this page. Hopefully, it will make your search for that rare and unique CB radio easier.

I've owned many radio's over the years (see my shack page), but I've only scratched the surface when it comes to the enormous amount of equipment produced and sold over the past half century. I still find that Craigslist, eBay and Amazon are some of the best ways to find information and/or to purchase radio equipment.
Complete Stoner radio Set...Awesome!
SBE Console V
40 Channel SSB Radio

ARF 2001 Base radio information.

ARF_2001-Scanning_Transceiver  Ultra RARE Classic American Made Radio

Channel_Master_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (CB-40)

Cherokee_CBS-500  Cherokee's AM Base Station

Communications_Power_inc-(CPI)_CP2000  Classic American Made Base

Courier_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (23, Caravelle, Conquerer 23, Centurior 23)

Craig_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (4201, L201)

General_Electric-(GE)_Superbase  Woody's World Review. Another Classic.

Granada  FBCB-2000 Base radio

Heathkit_Lunchbox_CB  Vintage Radio Review

Hy_Gain_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (623, Hy Range IV, Hy Gain VIII)

Hy_Gain_623-Utopia_AM/SSB   23 Channel Base Radio Review 

Iroquois_Cardon_40  AM/SSB Base Station

Johnson_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (Messenger 223, White Face Messenger One, Black Face Messener Two, Messenger 124, Messenger 250 50th Anniversary Edition, 4230 and a picture of a HUGE Shack)

JC_Penney_Base  Shadowstorm Collection

Kraco_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (SSB De-Luxe)

Lafayette_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (Comstat 19, Comstat 25 & 25B, HB-111, HE 20B, Telsat 1240, Telsat SSB-140)

Lafayette_Comstat_25   Vintage Base Radio Review

Lafayette_Telsat_1023  23 Channel AM Base Review

Lafayette_Telsat_140  40 Channel AM/SSB Radio

Midland made some of the most famous classic base radio's in it's heyday. The 78-999 is considered one of those classics and is fairly rare. They always bring a large price tag on ebay.

CB_Museum  Contains (35) pictures nd descriptions of various Midland MOBILE CB Radio's-Including: Midland 77-838,  77-861, 77-882, 77-824, 13-857, 13-862, 13-867, 13-882C, 13-882B, 77-FM-005, 77-FM-240, 2001, Alan 44, 4001, 4001 120, 6001, 7001, Alan 27 Power Max,  Alan 58E, Alan 27E, Alan 78E, Alan 18, 100M, 150M, 77-825, 77-104RD, CTE Alan 32, 77-145, 77-106, 77-104

Midland_CB_Base_Radio's  Shadowstorm Collection-Variety of Seven Midland Base Stations (13-879B, 76-858 , 76-886, 13-880b, 13-885, 13-898b & 13-877)

Midland_13-885  23 Channel AM/SSB Base

Midland_13-898B_AM/SSB  23 Channel Base Radio Review

Motorola  System 500 CB Base CB 555

Pace_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (CB 76, 1000B, CB-113)

Panasonic_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (RJ 3600)

Pearce_Simpson_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (Lynx 23B, Super Lynx, Bearcat 23c, Simba SSB/2)


First there was President, then there was Uniden. The Washington line of base stations was released under President and Uniden and has multiple variations, each with it's own list of pro's and cons. Both President and Uniden produced many 11 meter base stations and some of them are listed below.

President_Washington/Dwight_D_&_Zachary_T-Base_Radio's  All Three Radio's in this link

Ranger_DX2547  Galaxy's Newest

Regency_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (CR-142, CR-123B, Imperial)

Realistic made some very nice Base Radio's back in the 70's and 80's and I have owned quite a number of them, including one of my favorites- the TRC-490.

Realistic_CB_Base_Radio's  Shadowstorm Collection of Nine Base Radio's (TRC 30A, TRC-55, TRC-455, TRC-57, TRC-432, Pro-Niner, TRC-490, TRC-454 & TRC-459).

TRC_30A_AM  23 Channel Base

TRC_431_AM   40 Channel Base

TRC_458_AM/SSB   40 Channel Base

Both Robyn and Royce Base Radio's are very collectible and can be worth a fair amount if in collector condition. Both of these makes generally came with real wood cases and provided both AM only and AM/SSB base stations.


Robyn_Base-Shadowstorm_Collection  Collection of three Base Radio's (T-123B, T-240D & 520D)

Robyn_Cb_Collection  CB Museum- GT-41OD, WV-23, XL-One, SX-1020, SB-505D, LB-23A, WV-23A


Royce_Base-Shadowstorm_Collection  Collection of five Base Radio's (T-28, 619, 625, 641 & 642)

Royce_640_Deluxe_AM/SSB    23 Channel Base Radio Review

SBE made some of my favorite Base Radio's. I just enjoyed the large size, wood case and the styling. I currently own a Console V and just sold a Land Command and Console II on eBay recently.  

SBE_Base_Radio's-Shadowstorm  Collection of four SBE Radio's (Console II, Land Command, Trinidad & Trinidad III)

SBE_CB_Museum   Console VI, Sidebander II, LCMS-4, LCBS-4, Cortez, ASPEN, Console V

SBE_Trinidad  23 Channel AM Base Radio Review

SBE_CB_Museum   Console VI, Sidebander II, LCMS-4, LCBS-4, Cortez, ASPEN, Console V

SBE_Trinidad  23 Channel AM Base Radio Review

SBE_CB_Museum   Console VI, Sidebander II, LCMS-4, LCBS-4, Cortez, ASPEN, Console V

SBE_Trinidad  23 Channel AM Base Radio Review

Sears_Roadtalker_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (40 SSB Base)

Stoner_Pro-40_SSB  Classic American Made Radio- RARE

Teaberry  Titan "T", "T" Bear, Stalker VI 80, "T"Scout 23 , Mighty "T" , Five by Five, Big T, Stalker IX, Stalker IV, Stalker 101, Stalker VII

Texas_Ranger-TR696F-SSB   AM/SSB Base Station CB radio

Utica_27_Town_&_Country   6 Channel Radio Review

Woody's_Stoner_Section  Woody's World Review on the Stoner

Teaberry_Base  Shadowstorm Collection (T Dispatch, Model T, Stalker Two, T Command)

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